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VIRGELIA JAPAN主催のコンテスタントのためのキャンプ



Let’s get started with honesty and real truth

Let’s start the Story & All lights are on You!

If you don’t make the change
Then You don’t have the chances

If you don’t wake up and get started
Then Your not on the stage , just on the sideline…..Watching 
and the show will go on without You

Now you have the chances to move on and step out front…..
where you don’t need to dream any more and the magic of your victory’s will come from the true beauty that waits inside of YOU

A school doesn’t make the person
You will learn to find out


A person challenging themselves will makes the school successful to you


By what you Learn, See, Understand, and Feel
but mostly by the ways you focus forward with confidence 


Now here we GO


Allow me to show you my method not 
like Japanese teachers have taught 
( which are nice ) but as a foreigner living here….bringing the outside advantage into Your lifestyle and creating a vision that will focuses on your true needs to be fulfill

If your Determined to change? 
Then we will help you to……
Look at yourself in the mirror, learning to bring up eye to where they will begin to flawlessly shine ahead feeling the movements flowing as you turn softly stoping into your elegantly pose created right in place 👑
on the center of the Red Carpet!!!! 

Cameras waiting curtain open and your SMILE differently a Winner

I have placed several Top winning Ladys and Gentlemen and shown them the steps on how to achieve there victory and truly appreciate there applause with style and graces…..and it’s time to help you….so if your READY
It’s a different World…..for you to belong too 
Welcome in👑 It’s your Turn

Step 1) Open your Eyes ( and stop imagining what can happen ) 


Step 2) Step ahead ( positively ) understanding who you are and what’s ahead


Step 3) Balances and Rhythm ( movement, count, beat and form ) and how you step onto the stage 


Step 4) Special Guest…and Runway style
Walking Posing and Audience participation 


Step 5) Evaluating your achievement and lesson fashion workshop & exam

Beginner Level… let’s move on up to level 2






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